Design Trends - 2023 - Lucie Kaas

Design Trends - 2023

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It's time to capture the refreshing spirit of a New Year and redesign our interiors. Here are the 2023 trends! 


The New Year is about displaying off-beat touches that showcase our personalities. From art, music, design and fashion to the historical world, our Kokeshi Dolls celebrate cultural personalities while also reflecting the owner's inner self.


The hybrid green-blue-grey color brings the best of sea and lands to spaces that need to foster peace or focus.
Whether it’s a beautiful Fumario vase on your table, a perfect MILK table set, this trend can be an effective way of subconsciously giving you this piece of mind you needed. 


Curved arches are the trend that just won’t quit. They may have been already present on the design scene for years now. However, they are ready to continue thriving in 2023.
If you want to change straight lines, modernist curves are a perfect alternative to make a difference. Our Paipa Collection provides a style that is different and brings unicity - without standing out in the wrong kind of way

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