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The collection for Lucie Kaas draws its inspiration and influence from music, fashion, art and pop culture. The hand painted kokeshi dolls are a unique expression of style and identity, each with carefully selected styles and outfits, which draws a strong connection to the artistry of each icon.

Dive into the Kokeshi universe

The collection consists of three subcollections, music, art and fashion. From musical maestros like Bowie and Fitzgerald to fashion icons who redefined style, and renowned artists whose strokes shaped the art world, the subcollections celebrate their diverse contributions. Perfect for enthusiasts and collectors alike, these dolls are a testament to the enduring influence of creativity in our lives.

Featured products

Jean-Michel Basquiat Kokeshi doll on a multi colored background

Three dimensions of Kokeshi

The Kokeshi Dolls are available in three distinct sizes, designed to complement your decor. Whether you prefer a smaller size for subtle accents, medium-sized option for a well-balanced display, or larger dolls to create striking centerpieces, each size embodies the same meticulous craftsmanship and artistic expression. Find the ideal Kokeshi doll to elevate your space.

Kokeshi creation

Crafting each piece involves a 43 step process of woodworking and hand painted detailing, which may result in minor variations. These are not flaws but rather distinctive characteristics that contribute to the individuality of every item.

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