As an adult, our picture of a home can be varied. It can be classic, it can have floor to ceiling windows, be completely Brutalist, or Victorian – there are no limits. For a child this picture is likely simpler. In their world, a house probably has two walls, a floor, and a recognizable thatched roof.


This shape of a house is for many universal. It’s an identifiable symbol of a place where one lives, of stability and security. But what if that place where you live, where you have built a life is something you have to leave?


Fundamentally, Lucie Kaas’ existence is built on the concept that people have home to decorate. In conjunction with 3daysofdesign, the brand will turn this concept on its head with an installation titled “When we leave our homes, where do we go?” in an effort to raise focus towards the global refugee crisis.


To the right: Mikeal B. working on his piece for the project

For Lucie Kaas’s Managing Director, Ellora Rasmussen, the issue hits close to home. Though born and raised in Canada, her parents fled the civil war in Bangladesh during the 1970s.


“Through this project I want
people to reflect on the privilege we share to actually decorate a home, that peace is fragile, and that you don’t need to look far to find someone who has been affected by resettlement”, says Ellora Rasmussen


The installation has been developed together with curator Jens-Peter Brask who is the visionary behind the A/B Mønten area of Nordvest, Northern Europe’s largest open-air galler . The hottest names in contemporary art, 16 in all, have painted the walls in Mønten – on silhouettes which fittingly have the shape of a house. During 3daysofdesign, Lucie Kaas will exhibit kokeshi sculptures painted by the gallery’s artists, including Lady AIKO, CMP ONE and MadC to name a few.

"Today, records are being set for the number of forcibly displaced people globally. It’s a reality that is difficult to grasp and feel from a distance. Through design, Lucie Kaas has put the emotions of 70 million people around the world into a relatable and understandable context,” says Danish Refugee Council’s Global Communications and Fundraising Director Annette Spanggaard.


Each artist has been provided with a 60 cm high white-painted kokeshi figure where they have been free to design while still respecting the kokeshi form. The sculptures will later be auctioned off to raise funds for the Danish Refugee Council. Bruun Rasmussen, Scandinavia’s most prestigious and premier auction house, will be the host of the bidding. (to the right, MadC)

Contributors to When we leave our homes, where do we go?:

  • Peter Birk
  • Mikael B.
  • Jakob Tolstrup
  • Roman Manikhin
  • Boy Kong
  • Victor Ash
  • Mad C
  • Timmi Mensah
  • Lady Aiko
  • Anders Brinch
  • Jon Stahn
  • Mason Saltarrelli
  • Jens-Peter Brask
  • Henrik Soten