Theodor Skjøde Knudsen

The Danish designer Theodor Skjøde Knudsen (1927-2007) had an uncanny talent for wooden handicrafts. Though exercised as a hobby in his spare time, the submission of his works to an exhibition at the Charlottenborg Art Museum in 1956 gave birth to a 20 year full time dedication to the art. Due to the growing demand for his products, he opened his own factory in 1960 in Skjern leading to collaborations with well-known Piet Hein as well as having his work requested by the Queen Margrethe of Denmark. Th. Skjøde Knudsen was a versatile artisan and his product range included anything from wooden animals to board games and wooden dishes – simplicity and quality being the key characteristics that describe his designs.   The factory closed in 1977, but his designs was brought to life again by Lucie Kaas in 2014 honoring Skjøde’s uncompromising approach to craftsmanship.