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The Fashion Collection beautifully honors legendary fashion icons through well chosen attention to details that captures their very essence. These dolls authentically showcase the diversity and impeccable style that define these iconic figures.

Creative collaboration releases

At Lucie Kaas we always has been at the forefront of innovative designs that find inspiration in fashion. Collaborating with like-minded designers, brands, and celebrities has been a hallmark of Lucie Kaas' ethos, and the partnerships showcases our shared passion for creativity and uniqueness.

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A Timeless Muse in Fashion

Claudia Schiffer, hailed as one of the original and most sought-after supermodels in history, has inspired countless designers for more than 30 years. Recognized for her unique appearance, immortalized in this exquisite hand-painted portrait, Schiffer has been the muse for some of the most iconic photography of our era and has showcased the forefront of fashion on the runway.

Eye for details

Lucie Kaas fashion icons are a testament to precision and detail. From Karl's iconic ponytail to Claudia Schiffer's signature and Donatella's legendary outfit, each doll captures the essence of its fashion icon with exquisite craftsmanship.

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