International Women's Day Focus:

Becky Kemp

Becky Kemp is an English artist and the creative behind Becky has an uncanny talent for communicating with precision while still maintaining a humoristic and creative impression - a key combination that has lead to her success and cult following.

Becky in her studio in south London

Your Kokeshi doll designs take inspiration from icons from art, fashion, history, and music. In that light how do you feel about how women are represented in media, film and pop culture?

I do think the representation of women has shifted particularly in the last 5 years but we/ women, amounting to half the global population, are still hugely under represented. How women are scrutinized and portrayed by the media has changed very little. The only difference now is that the uninvited scrutiny of women is being called out and the voices of counter arguments are louder and being noticed.

I have no doubt that we are moving in the right direction but it will take some time before we no longer need to ask these questions and women’s inequality is simply a thing of the past reserved for history books. I often think of the women throughout history who I would have characterized in Kokeshi form if only their story had been recorded and treated with the same reverence as men.

What three words come to mind when thinking of women’s rights and why?




We ALL belong to the human race and expect the same respect, dignity and compassion as everyone else. It's not a complicated concept. - Becky Kemp

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