Lucie Kaas, LEAFLIKE, Nova Leaf | Pink, Decor

Nova Leaf | Pink

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Taking inspiration from the Danish nature, the leaves, Alva, Nova, Hela and Silva add a tropical Art Deco style with a twist of Nordic nature to the home. The material, different colors, coatings and finishes are a conscious choice in order to bring some contrasting features into the home. The metallic colors catch the reflections of light while the pink and black colored leaves create a harmonious look.

  • Size: H41.5 cm
  • Material: Metal
  • Designer: Nordvink

Care Instructions: -

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Add a tropical Art Deco aesthetic to your home, with a twist of Nordic simplicity.


Inspired by the Danish Fauna, these objects are decorative additions to any room – ones that do not need to be watered.


Whether you like the metallic colours to catch the reflections of light or the pink and black coloured leaves, you can choose to create a harmonious look or some contrasting features in your home.