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International Women's Day

Celebrate the strength of women with our special collection of Kokeshi Dolls in honor of International Women's Day. Each doll is inspired by iconic women, paying tribute to their impact on history and culture.

Lucie Kaas' Coco Kokeshi doll on white background

The Coco Kokeshi: Honoring iconic fashion designer

From revolutionizing women's fashion with her iconic pants for women to her unique influence in the world of design. That was Coco, one of our fashion icons.

The Ruth Legacy

Describing Ruth Bader Ginsburg solely as a symbol of gender equality oversimplifies her profound legacy. Her impact transcended mere categorization, encompassing a nuanced and deliberate dismantling of societal injustices. From the meticulous crafting of her dissents to her deliberate sartorial statements on the bench - each collar worn symbolizing her stance on a pending case - every action held significance and purpose in her pursuit of equality before the law.


All Kokeshi Dolls are meticulously handcrafted and painted with exceptional precision, ensuring each doll is special and unique. Every detail reflects traditional Japanese craftsmanship, adding a sense of security and protection to your home.

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