World Refugee day 2022

Today is World Refugee Day - a day for celebrating and
honoring the strength of refugees, and for spreading awareness of the escalating crisis of displaced persons. 

Since 2019 Lucie Kaas has been committed to raising awareness around and supporting organizations who work directly with Refugees. During the 202 edition of 3daysofdesign, Lucie Kaas created in an installation titled “When we leave our homes, where do we go?” curated together with Jens Peter Brask and 15 different artists from around the world who decorated a 60cm tall Kokeshi Doll - a shape central to Lucie Kaas's identity. In 2021 we donated a portion of online sales, and this year again, on the onslaught of the war in Ukraine.


Sadly, over the last three years, the plight of refugees has only become more complex. The number of displaced people continues to grow placing increased stress on surrounding regions. This is compounded by with a risk of a global food shortage as well as inflationary aid costs. United Nations Refugee Council’s new official count of refugees 100 million people – 134% increase in 10 years.


To the right – our Kokeshi doll installation “When we leave our homes, where do we go?” Read more about the project here