International Women's Day Focus:

Ana Milena Hernández

Ana Milena HernándezAna Milena Hernández is the founder and creative director of Masquespacio. She is passionate about design and everything that has to do with it. For her design is much more than an employment, it’s a lifestyle.

What is it like for you to be an entrepreneur and is there any truth in the saying of a “women’s touch”?

Honestly, I never wanted to be an entrepreneur, I just wanted to be creative, but I realized really quick that I needed to form myself as an entrepreneur to make a living as a designer. Nowadays I still feel that I’m learning and progressing as an entrepreneur which helps me to understand and evolve as a designer in an ever changing world.

I’m still trying to find out if their it is a ‘woman’s touch’ or not, but maybe the fact that everything I do is done from my emotional state instead of having a rational approach could be called the woman’s touch. However is this a personal feeling or is it a woman’s thing, is what I’m still trying to discover.

What three words come to mind when thinking of women’s rights and why?




Freedom of decision, respect and recognition are the 3 words I think about immediately. Recognition, because the recognition women have deserved during the past ages hasn’t been given in a world dominated by men. Respect, because in many parts of the world our integrity is still not respected as it should be. Freedom of decision, because the most important thing is that society and we as women have the liberty to do whatever we want, instead of being enforced to do what our surroundings think we should do.

- Ana Milena Hernández

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