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Waffles with sea ​​buckthorn jam and vanilla cream

by Julie Polar

The days get darker, we are more inside, and waffles have never tasted better.

Sea buckthorn jam
250 g sea buckthorn*
125 g sugar
½ vanilla pod
Juice and peel of half an orange
125 g butter
½ vanilla pod
225 g white flour
200 ml whole milk
1 tbs sugar
1 egg
240 ml water
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cardamom – crushed and powdered
A pinch of salt
Butter for frying
Vanilla cream
250 ml
Vanilla cream
2,5 dl whipping cream
½ vanilla pod
1 tbs sugar
Make the jam
Wash the sea buckthorn. Prepare the zest and press the juice out of the half orange and place in a pot. Remove the vanilla from the pod and add to pot. Add the sugar and let the pot come to a soft boil, add the sea buckthorn and let simmer 5-10 minutes – the berries should not be over cooked. Set to side.
Bake the waffles**
Melt the butter and add remove the vanilla from the pod – combine all ingredients for the waffles together and whip to a nice smooth batter. Grease the waffle iron with butter and add the waffle batter (about 50-100 ml for each waffle, depending on the size of your iron). When the waffle is ready, let rest on a rack.
Whip the vanilla cream
Add the whipping cream in a deep bowl together with sugar. Remove the vanilla from the pod and add to the cream. Lightly whip the cream – make sure not to over or under whip.
Take a waffle, top with vanilla cream, and jam – enjoy!
* if you don’t have sea buckthorn, you can use another sour berry.
** if you don’t have a waffle iron, make thin crepe pancakes instead – remove the baking powder and add 1 more egg.